What should be your Umrah outfits?

If you are performing Umrah for the very first time, you are likely not the one who is unsure about the clothing (Ihram) in Medina. Many Umrah travellers have queries about what ladies should dress for Umrah and what Ihram is. In masjid–al-haram, what kind of footwear should we wear? Whether you are a man or a woman, we will walk you through the complete dress code process.

When you cross Meeqat, you’ll have to decide what to dress on your Umrah journey. There are five meeqats available for all incoming Pilgrims from around the world. If you live in Makkah and want to undertake Umrah, there are three Meeqats nearby where you can wear Ihram for Umrah: Ayesha Mosque, Jaranah Mosque, and Hudaybiyah Mosque.

Many Muslims prefer to wear Ihram at home rather than on planes or at airports. Ihram is not a dress style but a sacred space you must enter to do Umrah. Taking a complete bath (Ghusal), donning Ihram cloth in a specified manner, and making Ihram intention are all required before entering the state of Ihram.

Men’s Ihram

Ihram for males comprises two white unstitched cotton sheets developed from the light of our Holy Prophet’s (P.B.U.H.) hadiths. Izar is one among them, and it’s utilised to cover the bottom half of the body. The second one is called Rida, and it is used to cover the upper body. Along Ihram, men are not permitted to wear socks or underpants. Moreover, while conducting Umrah, you cannot protect your head or wear sewn clothing.

Your right shoulder should be exposed while wearing Ihram, and your Izar should have been secured with a belt. Please remember that Ihram must not be translucent and should be long enough to cover your entire body.

Umrah begins with Ihram. Your Umrah will be over as quickly as the journey begins if you don’t do it appropriately. Unfortunately, it is unpopular, therefore learn “How to Wear Ihram for Hajj and Umrah.”

During Umrah, men’s footwear is essential.

Anything you put on your feet would be the same size as your sole, must not cover the top of your foot, and must leave your ankles exposed. As a result, sandals are the most acceptable option for meeting all the criteria. In addition, they are appropriate to wear while doing tawaf.

“Allow one of you to enter ihram wearing an izaar, Rida’, and sandals,” the holy prophet (P.B.U.H.) remarked. Ibn Khuzaymah classified it as Saheeh after Ahmad narrated it in his Musnad (8/500). (2601)

Women’s Ihram

Within a white or black abaya, a woman can wear her ordinary clothes. Your abaya should be loose, flexible, and extended to cover your entire body. Saudi Arabia’s environment is rather hot, so if you’re visiting in the middle of the year, your abaya should be thick enough to cover your entire body.

Women must wear a scarf to cover their heads. They can even wear socks, but you cannot hide your face or hands in Masjid-al-Haram. Women are not required to wear a specific colour; however, white favours black because black absorbs heat.

Keep these items in mind as you prepare for Umrah package 2021. First, women should respect their privacy and refrain from flaunting themselves during Umrah.

Note: Don’t go out on Umrah with just one garment of Ihram; bring two or three pieces of Ihram with yourself. Men must wear the white Ihram, while women can wear any colour they like instead of white.

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