Sight-Seeing Beaches Of Qatar – One Must Visit

Beaches are supposedly the best spot to enjoy time with loved ones when one needs a vacation. Due to its natural attractiveness and, of course, its beaches, Qatar is a popular tourist destination for travelers worldwide. The only location where people may effortlessly escape from the outside world is at the beach. Therefore, what more could anyone want from a holiday far away from the rush of city life?

Beaches Of Qatar – Visitors Must Visit

Book your flight to Doha, Qatar, while also looking for the best rent a car Doha, Qatar. It will give you the freedom to travel and enjoy the ride as you like. Here are some of the best beaches of Qatar that people can enjoy while on vacation.

  1. Inland Sea
  2. Wakrah Beach
  3. Zekreet Beach
  4. InterContinental Beach
  5. Al Maroona Beach

1.    Inland Sea

Inland Beach, located near the Saudi Arabian border and not Sealine Beach, is the best spot for sunbathing, hiking, boating, and sand surfing. Traveling is worthwhile since you won’t ever have the chance to experience many attractions in one location. Additionally, tourists may enjoy picnicking, treat their palates to perfectly cooked seafood, and more.

Due to the preservation of Qatar’s vast and varied wildness, comprising flora, animals, and aquatic life, the area is also recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. So do not miss the chance to visit this Inland Sea Beach when planning your Qatar trip.

2.    Wakrah Beach

Al Wakra used to be a peaceful fishing town in Qatar, but it is now recognized as a booming town home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The Al Wakra beachfront is an excellent spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time taking in the splendor of nature because of its relaxed attractiveness and stunning terrain.

Although the beach features shallow seas, you could miss sunbathing and other enjoyable activities due to the smooth and brilliant beach along the shoreline. There are additional activities, such as football and handball. In addition, three playgrounds are accessible from the shore, where kids may have fun on rides and treasure hunts. The beach, a popular destination for families, has facilities including bbq, showers, restrooms, and more.

3.    Zekreet Beach

Zekreet beach, which is eccentric, is a location to take in the peace of the Gulf of Zekreet and is situated on the western coast of Dukkan. This quiet beachfront in Qatar is well-known for its attractiveness, serenity, and soothing ambiance, ushering you apart from the bustle of the city. Since there are no pavements, getting to Zekreet is a journey in and of itself.

Despite having not much to offer, this Qatari beach is an excellent place for overnight camping because of its isolation and beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately, there are no services close to Zekreet, so ensure you have enough requirements. Nevertheless, the location is very well due to its distinctive terrain and the historical magnificence of the ruins. One of Qatar’s best tourist destinations, it provides visitors with everything they could need to have the time of their life.

4.    InterContinental Beach

An Intercontinental beach is a private place maintained by Doha’s renowned Intercontinental hotel. It provides visitors with the ideal beach getaway. This one is among the few locations in Qatar where women are permitted to wear swimwear. It is among the most beautiful private beaches to unwind and take in the twilight and the colorful Doha skyline because of the silky sand and fantastical surroundings. Visitors to the resort have access to the water, where they could choose to engage in beach activities or quietly rest in the serene surroundings.

5.    Al Maroona Beach

A starfish, a tiny hermit crab, a jellyfish, numerous fish, and a turtle are just a few of the many marine creatures seen at Al Maroona Beach’s smooth, golden sand, large sea, and toddler pool. It is simple to see them because of how clean the seas are. So enjoy with your families and kids here.