Search Unicorn Floaties at Swimming Holes in Fortnite’s 14-Day Summer Pool

The challenge requires you to search unicorn floaties at swimming holes scattered around the map. You have to find them over five games to complete.

We help you overcome the challenge of finding unicorn Floaties in the swimming pool of Fortnite. This is the challenge of the 14 Days of Summer event. You can get a lot of rewards to customize your character.

This summer, the unicorn Floaties will win, and they will also appear in Fortnite. As part of the 14 Days of Summer challenge, we have to find the unicorn Floaties on the Fortnite season 9 map, and then we provide you with their locations.

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To complete the challenge of finding Unicorn Floaties in Fortnite, you must know where to swim to these friendly Floaties pools scattered throughout the map in Fortnite and find at least three.

These Fortnite Battle Royale challenges are only available during the two weeks of Season 9 of Pass Battle, so we recommend that you complete them as soon as possible. In this part of our complete guide, we will help you with the challenge of “finding unicorn Floaties in a swimming pool.”

Looking for swimming pool location in Fortnite unicorn floaties (14 days in summer)

To overcome the challenge, we only need to find three, although we have the positions of all the Season 9 Fortnite unicorn floaties so you won’t miss any of them:

Here are nine places where you can find Unicorn Floaties on Fortnite Island. You can find more information in other areas, but this is enough to complete the challenge.

The location of Fortnite Unicorn Floaties are:

  1. Under the pier leading to the pirate ship Lazy Lagoon.
  2. Lazy Lagoon in the upper right corner of Northwest Hot Springs.
  3. Southern end of Fatal Fields, the only water area
  4. Near the shore of the northeast corner of Loot Lake.
  5. In a small pond at the northern end of Dusty Divot.
  6. In the water north of the lonely hut.
  7. A beach party location in the desert between Fatal Fields and Paradise Palms.
  8. The swimming pool on the south side of Paradise Palms.
  9. Near the end of the dirt road north of Loot Lake

To complete the challenge, you must visit three of these locations. Then, you must complete them in a few games. As you approach them, Unicorn Floatie will be added to your total.

Source: Epic Games

Once we get close to one of these unicorns Floaties, as long as we get close enough to them, the “search” message will appear. After finishing, we press the corresponding button to collect them, and the challenge progress mark will appear and be updated.

As always, when we face such challenges, we recommend that you play team battles. This game mode has a rebirth, so if you die in the game for some reason, you will reappear in the game, and you can go to the nearest unicorn, Floatie. 

Remember, many other players near these locations also want to complete the challenge, so be prepared for battle.

Also, keep in mind that you can use Group Assist if you have difficulty completing this challenge. This way, if you play with friends at the same party, and any of them are close to the unicorn Floatie, your overall progress will increase.

After completing the 14 Days of Summer challenge, we will receive Neon Tropic Wrap as a reward. In addition, if we complete all 14 challenges of the event, we will unlock the milkshake backpack accessories.

With this, you already know where all Season 9 Fortnite Unicorn Floaties are, so you can complete the challenge and search unicorn floaties at swimming holes that belongs to the 14 days of summer.