How to improve the consumption and quality of the water in your home

Water is one of the main resources of a home since we use it on many occasions in our day-to-day routine. In turn, it is a rare commodity. For this reason, it is worth looking for a way to optimize not only its use, saving in liters and money, but also improving its quality.

Filters that remove impurities from the water

In the path that the water carries through the pipes, many sediment particles, and even some bacteria, are added to the water and reach our homes.

Some different filters and treatments help improve the quality of the water and either install yourself or have the help of a professional.

Filters that you can place on the countertop:

Purify the water and optimize it for consumption. They are very easy to install and do not pose any risk of water leakage. Your point against it? They take up useful space on the countertop.

Installation filters under the countertop and in the pipes:

Its function is the same as that of the previous filters, but these are much more discreet, and there is a greater variety of powers, so they can be more expensive to install.

Filters equipped with ultraviolet rays:

These filters are designed to be installed in water tanks and reservoirs where there is a risk that stagnant water will generate germs and bacteria and eliminate them. However, they do not make the water drinkable since they do not treat other types of impurities.

Water purifiers

Although the water that comes to us through the tap is usually drinkable and suitable for our consumption, the particles and minerals modify their purity and taste.

There are specialized filters that eliminate the particles that cause this characteristic flavor and manage to transform the water to enjoy it as if it were bottled.

You can find water purifiers of various types. On the one hand, those that do not require installation, such as jugs or containers with a built-in filter, or the devices you can install in your pipes to have a complimentary mineral water tap.

Each type of filter provides comfort and health to different degrees and requires different maintenance, so it is worth evaluating which one is the most useful for you.

Aerator filters to save on water costs

Aerator filters are a device that allows us to save water without realizing it.

They are very small and work by screwing them into the spout of the faucet. They mix the water from the spout with the air they take from outside to reduce water consumption since not so much is wasted by scrapping.

In addition, the water acquires a different texture than the normal water jet would have since the filter generates tiny air bubbles that make the sensation very light and pleasant.

Filters that provide extra characteristics to the water

Just as there are filters whose main purpose is to eliminate excess particles from the water to make it purer, you can also find filters and devices that add them to provide it with extra properties that enrich it.

This is the case of alkaline and/or ionized water, a type of water previously treated. Since it is not found in nature, it has a modified pH, and it can provide you with different benefits, both to consume and to use.

Alkaline water differs from ordinary water because its PH has been modified to be not so acidic and acts as a natural balancing agent for our body. Among its benefits, it has been said that it can help eliminate toxins from the body and improve the health of our skin. However, you should always consult with your doctor before consuming it since each body is different and requires different care.

Water is one of the materials that give us the most benefits and, therefore, knowing and taking care of its properties will make us value it and get the most out of it.