How to choose a car seat for a child

If an accident happens, the risk of injury in a child is much higher than that of an adult. Even in the most favorable situations, when all adults get off with a slight fright, babies get bruises and even severe injuries (hitting the back of the front seat, on the dashboard, on the body of mom or dad). And therefore, car seats are required to protect them.

Types of car seats

The division of car seats into groups (there are 5 of them) is carried out in accordance with the weight and age of the child.

Group 0 and 0+

The first is suitable for babies from birth to 1 year, and the second will last a little longer – up to 1.5 years. The difference is in the design of the car seats and their location in the car (although outwardly they are similar – they look like cradles from a stroller and the kids ride in them lying down).

Group 0 is installed in the rear seat along with it. That is, the baby lies sideways in the direction of movement. Kids in them are arranged facing forward (in the direction of the car).

Group 1

Designed for older children – from 1 to 4 years old with an estimated 9 to 18 kg. Car seats have several tilt angles – lying, sitting, half-sitting – so that the little ones, tired, can take a nap in a comfortable position.

Group 2

It is used for children from 3 to 7 years old and is convenient in that its backrest can be detached from its chairs, leaving only the support seat. As a result, the child sitting on it becomes taller and can use regular seat belts.

Group 3

This is the most simplified group. The chairs here are originally cushions (sometimes with armrests) and transport children from 6 to 12 years old.

Choosing a car seat

When choosing a car seat, you first need to look at the convenience and safety of the baby, and only after that – at the possible costs.

1. Age and weight

The age and weight of the child allow you to navigate among the 5 main groups of car seats. But choosing the right one is based on the individual characteristics of the child. Therefore, having decided on the group number and selecting the desired option in the store, you should try it on first for the baby and then for the car in which the chosen chair will be used.

2. Quality standard

The presence of certification determines the quality standard in accordance with the European standard ECE R 44. Therefore, today it is recommended to take models of car seats no less than those with the 4th edition, that is, ECE R 44/04.

3. Convenience

The backrest, headrest and seat belts are what determine the comfort of the chair. Straps are the most important. They should be comprehensive and close to the body. Particular attention should be paid to the crotch area – here is the clasp. In the absence of an insulating cloth pad, the harm it inflicted on the child in an accident may be irreparable.

A car seat is a necessary attribute in car travel with a baby. Its use increases the safety of the trip and gives additional comfort to both children and their parents.

Expert Safety Advice:

  • Do not under any circumstances overlook the tyres. Most of the people do not pay attention to the tyres even though they play a crucial role in safety. Ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the corresponding tyres. Try not to go cheap on tyres and look up the best car tyre brand available in your region.
  • By regularly checking tyre pressures, tread wear, fluid levels and battery health, you can identify a potential problem early on, rather than waiting for it to result in a dangerous road accident. We also recommend that you adhere to the maintenance schedule indicated in the instructions of the manufacturer of your car to protect yourself as much as possible from possible problems.

Stay safe & happy driving!