Four problems with Outlook when sending a message

Who has not had issues with Outlook when sending an email? And the email has become one of the essential communication tools, which are used in all areas. One of the most popular email servers is Microsoft Outlook, so we explain some errors and problems that you may encounter in your day today. Take note!

Lack of Authentication

Lack of authentication you may find that the server has rejected the message you wanted to send. If you receive a message indicating this problem … Don’t worry! The error occurs when you have not clicked the “My server requires authentication” optionTo send messages again usually, you can follow the following steps:

  • Open your account in Outlook.
  • In the tools section, look for the “Accounts” option.
  • This will open the “Internet Accounts” window. At this point, you must select the “Mail” button and choose the account that generated the error.
  • The “Properties” window will appear. You will find the “Servers” section where you must activate the “My server requires authentication” option.
  • Finally, click “OK” to close the window.

Too many recipients

Yes, as you read it! Going over when putting recipients can cause an error on the server, more specifically when we send an email to more than ten people at the same timeThe cause is because Outlook can consider your message as spam. Therefore, the solution we offer you is simple: control the number of recipients not to reach a maximum of 10 people in the same email.  

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Problems with Outlook: lack of space

Another problem with Outlook is a lack of space. This error can cause your message not to reach the recipient due to the need for space on the hard disk. As a solution, we suggest changingthe space quota on the disk assigned to an email account or carrying out control to delete emails that are not useful. 

Failed to connect to the server

At this point, you will find that you can receive messages, but you cannot send them due to a failure in connection with the server since the port for the main output is closed or blocked. To solve it, you must:

  1. Deactivate firewall and proxy. In this way, all ports will be unblocked, including the one that affects us.
  2. If the previous step has been carried out and you still cannot send messages, it is possible that the reason is a blockage on the port by the internet provider. Therefore, to solve it, you must contact your operator.

In this way, some problems with Outlook can be easily solved from home.