Visit Different Bus Stops in a Single Match | Fortnite Challenge

In this challenge, visiting the different Fortnite bus stops in the same game belongs to the new mission of Cura vs. Toxin. We have to visit four bus stops in a single game.

Thanks to the Cura and Toxin missions, the first block of the “overtime” challenge, and we will be able to execute a series of challenges before the arrival of Fortnite Season 2. The only difficulty with this challenge is knowing where the bus stops in Fortnite are, or at least the closest bus stop that can overcome this challenge. The most serious difficulty is having to visit three in one game.

Usually, when Epic asks us to go to different locations, we can finish in multiple games. The Fortnite Food Truck Challenge, which is also going on this week, is a good example.

Fortunately, this is all we need to complete this challenge, but you need to reach Battle Pass level 40 to unlock all the Toxin Remedy mission objectives and have a chance to get 52,000 XP and special skins in each challenge.

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With the use of party assistants, you can complete this challenge much faster. In this way, your friend can visit different locations. For example, after you find the bus stop, stay nearby for a few seconds until you check-in, then continue. Pay attention to your opponents, as these areas will be very busy, and you will need to travel through several different named locations.

When walking around on the map, be sure to use trash cans and other hiding places.

To make it easier for you, we have provided you with a guide with a map below so that you know that you can find the easiest route to visit different bus stops in a single match.

Visit different Fortnite bus stops in the same game – Chapter 2

Where are the bus stops in fortnite? First, we will provide you with a map containing all the closest Fortnite bus stops that we have discovered so far, enough to overcome the challenge:

Fortnite Bus Stops Map LocationCREDIT: EPIC / ERIK KAIN

The fortnite bus stop locations are

  1. Frenzy Farms
  2. Pleasant Park
  3. Salty Springs
  4. Sweaty Sands

How to quickly finish visiting different bus stops in one game

One of the simplest and easiest methods to complete this challenge is to start a Team Rumble competition and then head to Salty Springs first. You will find a bus stop north of the POI, and the next bus stop is south of Pleasant Park. The next bus stop closest to Pleasant Park is north of Frenzy Farm.

Final words

You can also visit other bus stops as there are many bus stops present in the game. We recommend this challenge in Team Rumble mode, as you must visit all four in the same game.

After arriving at these bus stops, you don’t need to do anything. Just being close to them is enough for you to make progress in this challenge.

This is everything you need to know about visiting different bus stops in a single match. For more tips, tricks and guidelines, please be sure to keep in touch with us.