Five Best Yanmar Diesel Generator: Know Everything in Details

Generators play an important role in seamless functioning, enhancing productivity in the commercial space. Amongst the several brands in Australia, Yanmar has a special position and is known for its high-performance generator. If you are looking for high efficient and no noise generator, the Yanmar diesel generator is good. The quality of the engines provided by this brand have always been top notch and favoured by many people in Australia.


In 2006 Yanmar had started the supply of diesel engines to HIMOINSA. The company was founded in March 1912 in Japan and is now one of the leading generator companies. 1992 was a remarkable year for the company as it this year; they used 10 million diesel engines. These diesel engines were used in HIMOINSA’s generators, and by 2015 it had a majority stake in HIMOINSA. In 2015Yanmar and HIMOINSA joined hands and combined their expertise to bring the best diesel generators on the market. The brand serves some excellent diesel generators, and choosing the best one can be a challenging task for you.

5 Best Yanmar Diesel Generators

The selection process for the engine will not be an easy one that’s for sure. Here are the most popular yanmar diesel generators, but before that, let’s have a quick overview of this brand:

#1. The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-8 T5 Canopy Diesel Generator

  • It has a 3TNV76 Yanmar diesel engine.
  • It has a lower sound level of dB (A) at 7 meters. 
  • It is good for mining installation, and you also can upgrade it to the Mine Spec Modifications BMA / MDG15/ EES014 package.

#2. The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-13 M5 Canopy Diesel Generator

  • If your concern is noise pollution, then this is a perfect option. It is one of the quiet models of the Yanmar diesel generator.
  • It has a sound level of 59 dB (A) at 7 meters.
  • A 3TNV88 diesel engine powers this diesel generator
  • It is a perfect choice for the power backup at home, but you can also use it for construction applications.
  • You also have the optional upgrade option of Recessed Weatherproof Outlet Panel, Mine Spec Modifications BMA.
  • It has 40 hours of run time.
  • You can also get customized larger fuel tank capacities for efficient performance.

#3. The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-13 T5 Canopy Diesel Generator

  • If you need a more powerful generator, you can pick this one.
  • It is rated 12.5kVA prime with 13.4kVA standby, 50Hz, Three Phase, 240V / 415V and 0.8PF.
  • It also has a lower sound level of 59 dB(A) at 7 meter
  • This Yanmar diesel generator also comes with an optional upgrade of heavy-duty galvanized skid base modifications, and you can choose from a host of larger fuel tanks.

#4. The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-17 M5 Open Diesel Generator

  • It has a powerful 4TNV88 diesel engine.
  • This Yanmar diesel generator is rated 13.1 kVA prime with 14kVA standby
  • This generator is perfect for smaller construction purposes or agricultural use.

#5. The YANMAR – HIMOINSA HYW-20 M5 Canopy Diesel Generator

  • If you are looking for a generator that makes very less sound, you must choose this one. It has a sound level of only 57dB (A) at 7 meters.
  • It comes with a run time of 44 hours at 75% load.
  • This generator is good for residential use, and you can also integrate it with a solar battery.
  • It dons a 190-litre tank.

These are some of the popular choices of generators while there are other models that you an explorer. Irrespective of the type of  Yanmar diesel generator you invest in, it is important to check its performance and functioning. Like other mechanical equipment, they also come with a shelf life, and there is a possibility of their malfunctioning. In such a case, you must always contact the registered Yammer technician, who can look at it and repair it if required.