Do You Play With Me Mom?

Today being a parent is not easy. Modern life keeps us busy much of the time, working, connected to the mobile, and performing tasks from here to there almost. Always at a hyper pace that does not leave us much space to stop and truly enjoy family time.

10 Guidelines to Spend Quality Time With Your Children

However, what has remained in the background and what we have not had time to reach is the most important thing for children. They need quality family time which is the best investment we can make if we want our children to be fully happy.

Childhood is full of beautiful moments, discoveries, growth, and learning. 

Meaningful moments of total presence with our children will help them develop healthy self-confidence, a greater sense of family and personal well-being and make them safe and confident adults.

How to get this quality time with them?

Here are 10 tips to make the most of the time we spend with our children, whether at home or away.

  • Please take advantage of the mornings to have breakfast with them and start the day by sharing a pleasant moment that gives them the necessary energy to start the day positively.

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  • Every day make time for yourself to sit down and play with your children. Would you please put it on your schedule and create a routine? Just as we have a stipulated time to make food each day, playing with our children must also have its place on the agenda. That space must be just as important as any other activity.

  • Turn off your mobile and television when you are together at home, thus removing any distractions that keep you away and prevent you from connecting. If you must stay connected for work reasons, set a minimum of time in which you can be without answering calls, emails, etc.

  • Connect with them and listen to them with your five senses. Use the moments you are together to get to know your children well. What they like, what worries them, how they are… all in a relaxed atmosphere and complete attention to what you are doing.

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  • Enjoy the game moments as much as they do. Go back to your childhood and share its joy and excitement—laugh, jump, sing, dance, etc. Without thinking anything else, without looking at your mobile, without looking at the clock, just living in the moment.

  • Learn to carry out daily activities such as shopping or the way home from school with entire presence. Forget the worries or tasks that you have pending, and focusing on what is essential at that moment: your children.

  • Use the evening routines to favor unique and memorable moments of imagination. Tuck them in for the night and tell them a tale of a fantastic story that you made up just for them.

  • Take an interest in their tastes and hobbies and get involved in them. 

  • Do outdoor and leisure activities together: go biking, rollerblading, or playing ball.

  • When you spend time apart due to work or other obligations, find a way to be present even if you are not. You can leave him a note to wish him a good day, write him a letter, text him every morning, etc. Use all your imagination.

With all these recommendations, you will be closer to your children and enjoy the great adventure of being parents.