Different Types of Bad Breath Smells | Bad Breath Causes

In the United States alone, bad breath is a problem that affects millions of people. It is estimated that more than 50% of people have the disease at some stage in their lives. So much so that in 1921, the Listerine company launched an advertising campaign to promote the sale of its disinfectant used to fight bad breath and sell its products as mouthwashes. The new method increased sales from US$100,000 to more than US$4 million in just six years.

However, some particularly troublesome types of bad breath can also be a sign of serious illness. Perhaps the strangest is the following.

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Garlic Smelling Breath

Although it may be good self-defence against vampires, the smell of garlic is not pleasant at all. In this case, this may be a sign of selenium poisoning, also known as selenosis. Although it is an important antioxidant, it should not be taken in very high doses.

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In addition to vitamin supplements, selenium is also found in walnuts, meat, fish, and garlic. But don’t worry: it is difficult for us to eat enough of these foods to cause this problem.

Smell of urine

If your mouth smells of urine or glass cleaner, it may signify kidney disease and possibly fatal chronic renal failure.

People with diabetes and hypertension are at higher risk of kidney disease, so they should be more alert to such unpleasant signs.

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Smell Like Feces

If your breath emits a distinct smell of poop, you may have stomach and digestion-related diseases. For example, this may be a sign of bowel obstruction or repeated vomiting due to bulimia.

It may also be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease or acid reflux, in which stomach acid flows from the stomach into the esophagus.