How to Take a Blood Test Without a Prescription?

In some cases, you may not want to go through a prescription to get a blood test. However, you should know that the latter is mandatory, except in certain rare cases where it is unnecessary. Moreover, without a prescription, there will be no reimbursement of the blood test by Health Insurance. The patient thus bears the costs. So how can a blood test be taken without a prescription? And what is the role of the liberal nurse?

The different missions of a home nurse

It should be known, the missions of a home nurse are varied. Before practicing in private, the nurse has a state diploma and must have worked for at least two years in a hospital or a care establishment.

The home nurse has several missions. She must be able to provide the care that falls within her role, but she can also make a nursing diagnosis.

When taking care of a patient, the liberal nurse plays a multidisciplinary role. She must also coordinate the various medical care and act as an intermediary with the other health professionals who follow the same patient. The home nurse also provides the most common care, especially for the elderly.

In addition to routine care, the private nurse can also take care of other care, such as the treatment of bedsores, various injections, the provision of general hygiene care, or help in performing essential acts. Of life, such as mobility or elimination.

Can a blood test be taken without a prescription?

In principle, regardless of the nature of the blood test, it must be carried out via a prescription issued by a doctor. For example, complete blood tests, kidney analysis, or even analysis to detect hepatitis. A medical prescription is strictly essential to be able to carry out these examinations. A home nurse can also give you more information on this subject.

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However, in some cases, it is possible to do without a prescription for specific blood tests. For example, in the event of a detection of pregnancy or to carry out an HIV screening, it is, in fact, possible to dispense with a prescription. In addition, it allows the patient to remain anonymous if he wishes.

Without a prescription, we must nevertheless accept the idea that the blood test is not reimbursable. It will therefore be at the expense of the patient. If you ask a home nurse, she will surely tell you that the price of a blood test without a prescription is, on average, between € 17 and € 25.

How to take a blood test at home?

A home nurse can help you if you don’t want to go to the lab for your blood test. To benefit from the financial support by the Health Insurance, the prescription must bear the mention “direct debit to be carried out at home.”

Otherwise, the blood test will still be reimbursed, but not completely. The prescription can be issued by a general practitioner, a specialist, or even an occupational physician.

So that the blood test carried out by a home nurse takes place in the best possible conditions, do not hesitate to ask your doctor to prescribe a local anesthetic. Indeed, the youngest, but also the elderly, may fear pain, especially because of the condition of their veins. The anesthetic should be applied about 1 hour before the blood test.

Not all blood tests require it, but it is best to be on an empty stomach for some of them (such as those related to cholesterol or insulin tests). Concretely, this means that you must not have consumed food or drunk anything other than water in the ten to twelve hours preceding the blood test.