9 Guidelines for Your Children to Face Quarantine in a Positive Way

These days we are experiencing a volatile situation. The quarantine due to the spread of Covid – 19 poses significant challenges to take on. Staying calm is a difficult task, and specially for children, it is no easier.

Today I will talk about how we can spend these days in the best way. We can make this period of isolation an opportunity to enjoy with family, learn new strategies for children’s integral development, and maintain a good family climate.

Periods of isolation are stressful situations. The deprivation of liberty, added to the uncertainty posed by this new situation, is the breeding ground for family conflicts and despair.

Therefore, here are 9 guidelines that will help you cope with the situation and help your children face this challenge more positively.

Explain the situation to make them part of the cause

Children should know the reasons why we cannot leave home with sincerity, love, and closeness. It will reduce uncertainty and feel more in control of the disease. Use simple language and try to provide calm by explaining it to them. It is essential to avoid overexposure to the media by children. 

Stable and predictable routine

Follow a stable and predictable routine, keeping sleep, meal, and bath times as same as usual. This will help them regulate themselves and know what is expected of them at all times. In addition, you can take advantage to make these experiences more pleasant, such as the shower, turning it into a relaxing bath. Or the time to go to sleep, telling them those stories that they never heard.

Make Schedule for homework

If there is no virtual classroom in your school, set a schedule for each subject. It is clear that, without a virtual classroom, making a school schedule from 9 to 14 is impossible. But it is recommended to plan a program to work every day on the contents given in school and not lose a rhythm. 

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Do new activities

Due to our daily routines, you have generally not been able to do, such as crafts, board games, pasting photos in a family album, making a family tree, etc.

Try to be flexible

We still have many days left; the children will get overwhelmed, bored and do “tricks.” This is why you must learn to tolerate some natural childish behaviors. Understanding and empathy should be the two pillars to carry this delicate situation with the little ones.

Provide them space for physical activities

Give them space to “burn energy.” Whatever your space possibilities, try to find a place for them where they can run, jump or scream without problems. Children need movement, feel free and be themselves: pure energy.

Make time for fun exercise routines as a family

Parents or children don’t need to be great athletes. The important thing is to have fun. Physical exercise is great medicine when spirits start to falter, so don’t doubt that for your children too. You can do circles with stuffed animals, obstacle courses with the sofa cushions, or imitate choreographies of their favorite songs.

Maintain as much communication as possible

Video conferencing with the children’s family and friends. Socializing is an essential part of our emotional and personal development. So, at these times, it is extremely important to maintain as much communication as possible. Today, we have at our service many tools that technology provides us for this, so let’s make good use of them.

Making them feel important and valuable at home

Involve them in home routines. We usually don’t have time to do anything, like cooking. You can prepare your favorite dish together for dinner or make a delicious cake for afternoon tea. You can also take advantage of all this time together to teach them new skills like making the bed, running the washing machine, or vacuuming.

These guidelines will help you keep children busy in tasks that are enriching for them and make you enjoy family time.