5 Office Supplies That Every Workplace Needs

An office is never complete or functional without necessary office supplies and stationery products. Simply thinking about a workplace without office supplies is chaotic, confusing and will give you a headache. At all times, any office, big or small, should be stocked with necessary office supplies. To do their job right, your employees need to be equipped with the right office supplies to do their job efficiently. 

No work can get done when necessary office supplies cannot be found or are out of stock. To keep your office stocked at all times, get into a contract with a renowned office supplies company such as Southwest Business Products that can fulfill all your needs, and given below are five office supplies that every workplace needs:

1- Writing Tools

Writing tools are the most basic office supply that your workplace needs. Whether it is to sign important documents, take notes, send out memos or simply doodle, writing tools should be present in the office in abundance and a variety of colours and styles. Some of the writing tools your workspace needs include pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, permanent markers, erasable markers, and highlighters. You should also have tools to erase what you write such as erasers and whiteners. If your office is a creative workspace, you would need to feature additional writing and art tools such as special art pencils, watercolours, artist chalk, etc.

2- Files and Folders

While most offices have all their paperwork and important documents saved digitally or in the cloud, many physical documents still run around the office and are stored in fear of the company either losing them one day or having trouble with their cloud-based storage. Offices usually run mismanaged filing systems with outdated labels and disorganized systems. Hence, employees often struggle with finding files when they need them the most. Your workspace should hence have labelled files and folders to run an efficient filing system.

3- Grouping Tools

In addition to writing tools, your employees also need grouping tools. Grouping tools are needed in a workspace to combine documents and paperwork, and to neatly organize them. Some of these grouping tools include binding clips, staplers, tapes, clips, paper clips, and rubber bands. Grouping tools shouldn’t be confused with files and folders, as both of them have separate purposes and are equally important. Another important grouping tool is a label maker that will help your employees create labels for their paperwork. Even if you run a paperless workspace, no workspace is truly paperless and grouping tools are required.

4- Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are yet another important office supply that your employees need in abundance, and your workspace should feature sticky notes in many colours and shapes. This variety in sticky notes is important because they help your employees organise and categorize their thoughts and ideas. Sticky notes also help employees stick reminders around their office space, brainstorm concepts, conduct focus groups, and organize group work and whatnot. Employees can also use sticky notes to bring their peers’ attention to important points in a contract or official document. 

5- Printer Supplies

A printer in a workspace is the most important piece of equipment and is used multiple times during the day. Your employees constantly need to print one thing or another to study documents, read contracts, or simply go over office material during the day. Hence, your workspace should have abundant printer supplies at all times. These supplies include printer toner and plain white paper. No office can run without a working printer, as your employees would have to constantly run to a printing shop to get important files printed. Be sure to only have high-quality printing supplies as poor-quality materials can affect your printer’s health.