Visit the 5 Highest Elevations on the Island in Fortnite

As part of the week 3 challenge, Fortnite challenged us to visit the 5 highest elevations on the island. However, the game actually wants us to find 5 highest elevations on the island in Fortnite.

Coincidentally, they are the highest points. But what they really expect is that we find signs of these points, and through this guide, you will understand them.

Visiting the 5 highest points on the island of Fortnite is one of the challenges of Fortnite week 6, season 8, and you will have to explore the island to find the five highest points. However, despite our help, you will be able to overcome challenges quickly.

In this high elevation challenge, you will have to visit the five highest areas of the entire Fortnite map. Although some areas are obvious, such as volcanoes, it is not easy to find all of these areas. Specifically, we will have to pass the highest point of the Fortnite map to overcome this challenge, which is one of the most interesting of all weekly challenges.

So, we will help you complete the challenge of visiting the 5 highest points on Fortnite Island, which will require us to land in one of these places first or use our construction skills to create many ramps.

Where can I find the 5 highest elevations on the island in Fortnite?

It is not enough to complete the challenge at the foot of the mountain, but you must climb to the top of the highest area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach problem point. To be more precise, you must be in front of the sign that shows the height.

Although some locations are obvious, others are not. Therefore, if you want to know Fortnite 5 highest elevations (the highest points on the map) on the island in Fortnite Season 8 are, we will show you the map below these lines.

These points are marked with small signs that announce the sector’s height in meters (m.).

Fortnite 5 highest elevations

1- Volcano (172 meters)

The first plateau of Fortnite is the highest part of the volcano in the northeastern part of the island.

You must have guessed it. Well, the volcano is the highest place on the entire map. So, it would be best if you especially found the sign south of the top of the crater.

In summer, Volcano on the south side of the crater. You can go in and use the hot air to slide to that point.

2- Polar Peak (170 meters)

Another of the highest locations in Fortnite, you will find it at the top of the Polar Peak castle.

You must have guessed it too. Well, at Polar Peak, especially on the north side of one of the towers, you have a sign indicating its elevation.

In the Polar Peak castle, on the roof of the main building. You can go straight up from the living room and walk through the stairs until you find the sign on the corner of the terrace.

3- Submarine (130 meters)

To the east of the Arctic Airport, a submarine ran aground on the top of the mountain.

You must be familiar with the submarine on the top of the mountain southeast of the Arctic Airport. This is the third-highest elevation on the entire map, and there is no loss.

To get there, you must create an event or use a hang glider to fall. It is one of the highest points on Fortnite Island.

4- Pleasant Park (111 meters)

One of the highest spots on the island is the second mountain range south of Pleasant Park.

As we all know, there is a mountain on the south side of Happy Park, where there are usually several trampolines so that we can jump into the void. Well, this is the fourth highest altitude on the entire map.

You will find the poster in the southwest part of the mountain. It is easy to identify through the tree circle on the top of the hill.

5- Snobby Shores (110 meters)

The last highest point is at the top of the hill northeast of Snobby Shores.

You will find the fifth-highest altitude in the entire current map. You have a set of posters next to the stones.

In this way, you know the Fortnite 5 highest elevations.